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Registering Your Sea Vessels in Vanuatu

Vanuatu yacht

Vanuatu yacht

Not only is Vanuatu quickly becoming a haven for business moguls and investors, but its popularity as a home for yachts and shipping vessels is also growing rapidly.  Why?  Why is Vanuatu THE place to go when you want a home port for your sea vessel?  That is precisely what this blog will discuss.  Keep reading!

It Is a Virtual Paradise!

What are we talking about?  All sorts of wealthy individuals and investors are discovering that Vanuatu is a true paradise on Earth.  Physically, it is like being in Heaven.  Throughout the archipelago of 83 islands that make up Vanuatu, one will find crystal clear waterfalls, sparkling clean sandy beaches, and a vast part of the turquoise blue Pacific Ocean on which to go sailing; it is extremely alluring for sea vessel captains off all skill levels and their owners.

Once a person gets past the physical beauty of Vanuatu, they will find a vibrant and friendly community.  Investors are seeing astronomical success from their ventures in this tropical paradise.  Many of them invest some of their money in yachts or other shipping vessels.  Still other people are choosing to register their sea vessels in Vanuatu even if they are only part-time residents.  This region of the world is so marvelous that people are proud to fly the Vanuatu flag on their vessels.  Perhaps you can follow their lead!

Commercial Potential

What does this mean?  Perhaps you want to do more than just register your ship in Vanuatu?  Perhaps you want to have a fleet of commercial shipping vessels?  You can register all of them here.  Why might you want to do this?  With the increasing popularity of Vanuatu, some ship owners are electing to have commercial fleets carrying tourists or part-time residents throughout the 83 islands of Vanuatu.  Some may be party boats designed to show their passengers a good time during their stay.  Who knows, maybe future activities for Vanuatu will include corporate retreats for employees?  Be prepared, register your fleet of commercial ships now and see what a rousing success it will become.

The Safety Factor

Whether it is part of the registration process, the Vanuatu maritime rules and regulations, or revealed to the vessel owner during orientation and education sessions, SAFETY is of the utmost concern to Vanuatu officials.  Every procedure, every lesson bestowed, even the beneficiaries of the fees, is communicated to vessel owners out of regard for the safety of all onboard.  This is true of the crew members as well as any passengers.  Officials and vessel owners alike in Vanuatu are proud of the safety record of all yachts and ships registered here.  Everyone is working hard to ensure this trend continues.

What Should Your Next Steps Be?

Let us say you have now decided to move forward with registering your yacht or shipping vessel in Vanuatu, now what?  What should you do next?  The most important thing you can do is find a company with knowledge of Vanuatu laws and shipping registration procedures.  This company will also have extensive experience in what to do.  This is critical because your representative can save you a lot of trouble down the line.  If you expect to have success with vessel registration in Vanuatu, everything must be done correctly; otherwise, you can expect trouble at some point.  Who should you contact?

Trade Board Limited

TOP Company Formation (TCF) is owned and operated by “Trade Board Limited”. Trade Board Limited is an authorized agent of the government of Vanuatu to process yachts and shipping vessels registration applications for clients from all over the world. Your application will be processed professionally and legally in short time. Trade Board Limited also offers additional services, being a Vanuatu Financial Services Commission agent and holding a PR license from the said commission allows the company to form companies in 3 days for clients from all over the world. All services are done remotely with no need for physical presence. Trade Board limited also promote Vanuatu permanent residency program and is a sub-agent for Vanuatu Citizenship Program.

How would you like to register your yacht or ship in one of the most heavenly places on Earth?  Read about the benefits and procedures to do so in Vanuatu.  We can help with it.  Go online to https://tradeboard.biz

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